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Kelly and Namrita both share a passion for practical sports nutrition, endurance sports, research, and education. Stemming from their desire to dispel common nutrition myths, they started an Instagram account @insidesportsnutrition where they seek to uncover the latest evidence based nutrition advice for endurance athletes. Both Kelly and Namrita are avid athletes so they are able to translate and apply scientific evidence into actual practices that work. Quite simply, they are able to practice what they preach in nutrition and in training.

Namrita Brooke, PhD, RDN is an Adjunct Professor in Exercise Science at the University of West Florida and full time endurance and nutrition coach with Velocious Endurance Coaching and Basecamp Cycling. Her athletic background is primarily in offroad endurance racing (mountain bike, multisport, and running) as well as cyclocross and marathon running. In her spare time she enjoys riding bikes, running, and spending time outdoors with her family (husband, toddler, dogs, and baby on the way). Learn more about Namrita and her coaching services here.

Kelly Pritchett, PhD, RDN, CSSD is an Associate Professor in Nutrition and Exercise Science at Central Washington University and serves as the Director of Sports Nutrition for CWU Athletics. As a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics, she has consulted with both elite and collegiate athletes as well as with active individuals. Kelly has a consulting business and works with WahooRunning. She served as a National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 6 yrs. As a former collegiate swimmer she understands the challenges athletes face. In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time with her three active boys. Learn more about Kelly and Tridimensional Consulting here.


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