Product Review: Skratch Clear Hydration

The Skratch Clear Hydration uses cluster dextrin technology to provide 13g grams of carbs (100 calories) and 270 mg of sodium per serving while keeping osmolality low. It’s designed for those days where you may only need water but a little extra electrolytes….However, the customer can combine it with other hydration to customize the product according to their needs.

KP (running): I tried the orange and it has a very mild taste. I like that the product uses cluster dextrin as I tend to be picky about sports drinks. Really liked this product. Would be a great hydration option to combine with gels or chews due to the mild flavor. 

NKB (cycling): I used the lemon and it basically tasted like water with a lemon slice. Easy to drink, great option for hydration and easy to combine with other products (into or alongside Superfuel and/or with chews).


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