Product Review: Skratchlabs Supefuel

We had the opportunity to review the Skratchlabs Superfuel first. The Skratch Superfuel uses cluster dextrin technology to provide up to 100 grams of carbs (400 calories) while keeping osmolality low when mixed in water. However, the customer can customize (dilute or concentrate) the product according to their needs. Thank you again to Skratchlabs for providing this product for our review!

Namrita (cycling): Day 1: I mixed it as 50 g CHO in a 20 oz bottle and Day 2: I mixed it as 100 g CHO in a 20 oz bottle. Both days I had a second bottle of water on hand to sip on as I wanted, it’s also very hot and humid where I live. I really love the flexibility of this product. You can mix it to your liking and it still “plays well with other products”. It is not sweet, at all. Which I like. I didn’t feel the need to supplement with any other calories for these two rides. For the 100 g CHO bottle, I filled my 20 oz bottle with ~8 oz water, mixed in 7 scoops of Superfuel and shook it really, really well. It is super thick until you add more water. Once I filled the 20 oz bottle, the taste and texture were great and I just sipped on it through the ride. I generally like having some plain water available when it’s hot, so the combination of bottles was perfect for both fueling and hydration. The price might seem like sticker shock but when you figure you can use this product alone for fueling many different types of races and not have to spend additional money on a bunch of other gels, etc. it’s highly worth it in my opinion. As always, test it in training and I would personally stick to using it in bottles, not a bladder.

Kelly (running): I mixed 3 scoops (50 g of CHO) in a 14 oz bottle the night before my run and put it in the fridge to carry during a run lasting around 100 minutes. I really liked the mild taste of the Superfuel, and it sits well in my stomach. One drawback of using the Skratch Superfuel (or any hydration mix) for runners, in my opinion, would be carrying it in a bottle. However, this may be more of a concern for a marathon vs. an ultra (if you are wearing a pack) depending on whether you like carrying a bottle or not. I like the fact that this product provides a high amount of carbohydrate and you can adjust it to your personal needs. I have a pretty finicky gut, so if I can find a product that agrees with my stomach it’s worth the price! I will definitely be using this product again.


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